Gun Shop
States United To Prevent Gun Violence
opens a Gun Shop in NYC to debunk safety myths. 


Over 60% of Americans think owning a gun will make them safer. In fact, it increases the risk of homicide, suicide and unintentional death. To make first-time gun buyers think twice we opened a gun shop in NYC, where all the weapons for sale had a terrible history attached. They were the actual firearm models used in the most famous gun-related tragedies in America. Hidden cameras captured the gun buyers’ reactions. The online film got 12 million views in just one week, driving people to the campaign website. There, first-time buyers could take a personalized test to determine if a gun would make them safer.

Besides the guns, we designed every single item in the store, attaching a tragic history to it. The target practice posters showed deadly accidents in shooting ranges. The ammo boxes had horrifying stories of tragedies caused by different types of bullets. Promotional flyers featured special deals on used guns – weapons used in accidents in the home. The design of the store was so authentic that pro-gun groups called for a criminal investigation, because gun shops are illegal in New York City.

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Cannes Lions Gold - Promo and Activation
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#2 One Show's most awarded campaign - 2016
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CD/AD: João Coutinho
CD/CW: Marco Pupo
ECDs: Ari Halper, Steve Krauss
CCO: Andreas Dahlqvist
Global CCO: Tor Myren, Per Pedersen