Highway Robbery

To launch the new Volvo hybrid, the XC90 T8, we didn’t create an ad. We invented a new technology.

North America
XC90 Hybrid
Grey New York

Customized digital billboard:
thanking to each car brand that passed by 

A peristaltic system was developed to capture energy from cars using only hydraulic power. It’s main component is a mat that contains tubes that are full of water. When a car drives over the mat, it compresses the tubes and its forward momentum pushes the water through, generating hydraulic power. 
The hydraulic power is then turned into electricity. After over 4 months developing the technology, we hijacked a highway in California and used the system to steal energy from other cars to power the new Volvo hybrid SUV. A special billboard thanked all the other car brands for their power.

Cannes Lions Silver - Promo & Activation
Cannes Lions Bronze - Design
Cannes Lions Bronze - Media

One Show Merit - Design
One Show Merit - Direct Marketing
One Show Merit - Print and Outdoor

Clio Bronze - Innovation
GCD/AD João Coutinho
CGD/CW Marco Pupo
ECD: Matt O’Rourke
GCD: Nick Pringle
GCD: Steve Wakelam
ACD/CW: Noel Hamilton, Natalie Rose
ACD/AD: Rodrigo Burdman
AD: Jason Goldstein
CCO: Andreas Dahlqvist
Creative Council Chairman: Per Pedersen