Sport Club Recife
Immortal Fans

“A campaign by one of Brazil's biggest football clubs to encourage fans to become organ donors has led to a massive rise in the number of life-changing transplants and reduced waiting lists for organs in the area almost to zero.”

BBC News

Sport Club Recife
Doador do Sport
(organ donor card)
Ogilvy Brazil

We created the first Organ Donor Card for a football team. Fans organs keep beating, breathing and living for the team they love, even after their death. The donor card keeps their passion alive through the life of others, while at the same time resolving one of the biggest barriers to organ donation in Brazil: family authorization. The organ donor card informs the family of the fan’s donation wishes.

Over 51,000 Organ Donor Cards and counting.

Organ donation increased by 54% in a year, breaking a historic record.

The waiting list for heart and corneal transplants in Recife was reduced to zero.

We created a lifetime commitment between fans and the Sport Club Recife brand.

Dozens of lives saved including all the patients featured on the campaign.

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